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          TATONKA a German outdoor brand and family-run company

           „Wir von Tatonka entwickeln Produkte für Menschen, die sich gerne in der Natur aufhalten. Das tun wir mit Leidenschaft, Fantasie und Durchhaltevermögen – und mit Erfolg.“ – Andreas Schechinger, Owner and Managing Director of Tatonka GmbH

          The outdoor brand TATONKA was created and registered globally in 1993. Shortly after that, in 1994, the family-run business Mountain Sport GmbH, founded in 1980, was renamed Tatonka GmbH. Tatonka the only outdoor manufacturer to fabricate all of own products ourselves in a fully transparent manner – for over 30 years now.

          The outdoor brand TATONKA: the Bavarian Bison

          In the language of the Sioux, TATONKA means bison. The idea for brand name comes from the ever-popular film “Dances with Wolves”. For Native Americans, the bison is still a holy animal. It is a symbol of nature, freedom, wilderness and strength. But it also stands for much more. It is a herd animal with determination and a will of its own. As an outdoor brand, these are characteristics that Tatonk truly identify with.

          Tatonka GmbH: a German family-run company

          Tatonka GmbH is a family-run business with its headquarters in Dasing near Augsburg. Company have a flat hierarchy in the company, short and effective decision-making processes, and personal contact with employees and customers. Tatonka’s Dasing facility houses development department, management and the distribution warehouse. Products are manufactured in proprietary factories in Vietnam. Tatonka GmbH has roughly 1,000 employees worldwide.

          Proprietary manufacturing: everything from one source

          Products are developed in Dasing and manufactured in own facilities in Vietnam. The company’s first proprietary manufacturing plant was built in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in 1989. It was set up according to European production standards and the Vietnamese employees were trained accordingly. High social standards were a priority from the very beginning. Capacity at the production facility has been continuously expanded along with the size of the factory. Today we manufacture our products at two Mountech Co. Ltd. Facilities: Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Dinh Province.

          By producing own goods company can oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish and, if required, intervene to make any necessary changes and quickly drive new development.

          Official site: https://www.tatonka.com/

          Picture of Tatonka H&C Stuff 0.35L
          Unbreakable stainless steel vacuum flask with 0.35 liter capacity and a screw-cap for hot and cold things
          Picture of Windshield Tatonka Faltwindschutz
          Wind protection for spirit burner and your camp stove made of aluminium and with 10 sections
          Picture of Чайник для багаття Tatonka (2,5л) 4011.000
          Picture of Tatonka Multi Set + A. Burner
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