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          Silencer Steel X-Hanter 12 (12GA)

          X-Hunter is a modern modular sound moderator for 12 gauge rifles from the Ukrainian company Steel
          Manufacturer: Steel

          X-Hunter is a modern modular sound moderator for 12 gauge rifles from the Ukrainian company Steel. The silencer will appeal to hunters, athletes and amateurs of recreational shotgun shooting.

          The X-Hunter silencer effectively reduces the sound of the shot to an absolutely comfortable level, comparable to a shot from a small-bore rifle. For example, you can happily shoot in a closed shooting range or in a small caponier without hearing protection, and it does not matter how actively and how much you shoot. Also great for hunting!

          The soundmoderator is compatible with 12-gauge pump-action, semi-automatic and breakout rifles, which have an interchangeable choke or male barrel thread on which the device is mounted.

          You can shoot with the X-Hunter silencer with any container ammunition, buckshot charge, shot or a bullet in a container, except magnum. Container ammunition is needed so that the charge passes safely along the muffler guides without damaging it. The muffler has passed all tests and even a crash test! The test shot was carried out throughout the year with any container ammunition that came across, from the most affordable to the top ones. During testing, more than 2000 thousand shots were fired at different rates and under different conditions! Crash test passing: a bullet was left between the 8m and 9m separator block in the silencer channel and a bullet was fired. From this action, the separaton block 9, 10 and 11 was destroyed inside. Outside, all blocks remained intact, the guide spokes were also deformed. The shooter and those around him did not suffer at all! Therefore, we are confident in the reliability of the muffler and its effectiveness! The tests were carried out by the head of the company and the chief engineer.

          One of the main advantages of X-Hunter mufflers is its design and efficiency.

          The device consists of 12 blocks-separators, it can be adjusted in length depending on the tasks set by the shooter. You can assemble a sound moderator from 12, 10, 8 or 6 blocks, making it half the size. Everything you need to change the configuration of the muffler comes as standard.

          Also, thanks to the modular design, the muffler is easy to maintain, you can remove carbon deposits from absolutely all internal surfaces of the device using standard cleaning agents.

          Such a device makes the muffler completely repairable. If necessary, you can purchase any components of the muffler separately.

          Made in:
          Brand registration country:
          1 year
          Stainless Steel
          1.1 kg
          300х70x50 мм

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