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          Real Avid

          When you meet someone and they ask “What do you do?” What’s your answer? That you’re a supervisor? A salesman? A builder? A lawyer? Or do you tell them what you really do? That you live for the times that fill your soul. Not your wallet. You live for journeys that can take you anywhere but always to a place with the goal of doing what you love and connecting with all that surrounds you. It’s a life of traditions, integrity and honor. Respect for others and yourself. A life of the quest, the conquest and the responsibilities that come with each. It’s not the life everyone chooses. But, for you there is simply no other way. We want to be with you on your journeys. And we’ll pursue that goal as you do – with a sense of dedication to live life with a passion that never ends. Finally, we want you to know that our company is owned and run by real people who not only love the outdoors, but also love the Lord. We are committed to live by His principles and when we fail, to exert every effort to make it right. When life’s troubles come, we invite you to discover for yourself the joy and security of knowing that Jesus loves you. Ephesians 3:14-21

          Howard Tripp

          Co-founder of Real Avid

          Picture of Cleaning mat Real Avid UNIVERSAL SMART MAT
          Table gripping, oil repelling, shock absorbing, parts securing, gun cleaning awesomeness.
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