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          Privacy notice

          Please be informed that we provide your personal messages, which were included in the website of the database of administrations "Users of Internet resource sites", with whom we worked in connection with telecommunications services, which apply to individuals, and which relate to the laws of Ukraine. and used by the user.

          The subject of personal data on the legislation of Ukraine has the right to:

          It is known about the basic personal data that his personal data has, he uses and finds, the owner and / or place of residence (stay) of the owner or employee in the database, according to the answer, to report information about information that is often used;
          receive information about access to personal data, using data about third parties, transmitting your personal messages that must be received in personal data personal data;
          available in your personal data, which must be made in the personal data personal data;
          receive no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, in accordance with the laws adopted by law, the answer as to whether personal data is used in personal data personal data, and you need to get more of your personal data containing data;
          submit a reasoned request with an objection to their personal data by the authorities, local governments at work, which have the necessary laws;
          submit a reasoned request to change or reduce the amount of personal data at any time, and at any time to maintain this database, if this message is processed, if it is unreliable;
          On protected personal data from a trusted person and they lose, reduce, expand the service with the appropriate reception of the toy, do not issue or not the latest of their strength, and protect from who works and what is unreliable or shameful, and the authenticity and business reputation of personal human beings;
          to address issues related to real data on personal authorities that have local self-government, in compliance with this, you need to use other personal data;
          use legal remedies in various laws on protected personal data;
          other rights, protected legislation of Ukraine.

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